Best Paper Award at MobileHCI 2016!

Paper "Mobile Manifestations of Circadian Rhythms of Attention." got Best Paper Award at MobileHCI 2016.

Congratulations to Tauhidur Rahman on winning 2016 Google PhD Fellowship!

PhD student Tauhidur Rahman won the 2016 Google PhD Feloowship in Mobile Computing.

Fortune Tech Report on Apps for Mental Health

Professor Choudhury was interviewed by Fortune The head-scratching reason there's no mental health apps.


Project BodyBeat has been featured in NewScientist, MIT Technology Review and Wall Street Journal.

MIT Technology Review on MyBehavior

MyBehavior was reported by MIT Technology Review A Health-Tracking App You Might Actually Stick With.

MIT Technology Review on DoppleSleep

DoppleSleep was reported by MIT Technology Review Got Sleep Problems? Try Tracking Your Rest with Radar.

Work Highlighted by The Economist

Work on bipolar disorder was highlighted by The Economist Making cruel unusual.

Bill Gates Visit

People-Aware Computing group showed a demo of BodyBeat to Bill Gates during his visit to Cornell.

Publication in The Economist

Economist article on Teaching old microphones new tricks.

New Grant!

Newest PAC lab grant and project (we are working on the Stress phone part):

Keynote Talk

PAC Lab Director Tanzeem Choudhury will be delivering one of the keynotes at the International Society for Bipolar Disorders

Winner of Open mHealth

The MoodRhythm project has won the $100K Heritage Open mHealth Challenge!